Zintas X-TraC Takolay
ZİNTAS X-Trac cross member links are made of alloyed steel, allowing them to be shorter, narrower and lighter than conventional chain links. This reduces “fly-off” during the journey and provides more gripping points. The low-mass square links also contributes wear resistance and the contacting surface between the road and the cross members is increased. It can easily be operated in the typically small clearances allowed around the drive tires on today’s cars and light trucks.

X-Trac’s Highlights
• Perfect for drivers, who want to be prepared for all wintery conditions.
• Easy installation and removal, with no need to move the vehicle.
• Better all-around traction performance and a smoother ride than conventional traction products.
• Best durability of any link-style chain for cars and light trucks.
• X-Trac provides excellent compatability with ABS and traction control systems.
• The heavy-duty hook situated at the back side allows for easy and fast mounting of the chain.
• Convenient nylon carrying/storage case.
• Comes with illustrated step-by-step installation instructions.