MASTER CHAIN is an international chain processing company which founded at the end of 1970’s with the vision of becoming a global brand based on the belief in the power of high technology and continuous improvement. MASTER CHAIN manufactures industrial chains that are used worldwide for mining and conveying, high-alloyed G100 chains for moving and lifting, hoisting and stud and studless chains for marine industry, high alloyed calibrated chains for agriculture industry, high wear and temperature resistant specially designed chains for cement industry, specially designed chains for forestry, snow chains, transmission chains and chain accessories exporting to more than 30 countries today.

The MASTER CHAIN factory ground covers a total area of 25.000 square meters of which approximately 10.000 square meters are built on and consists of technologically advanced 125 machines The customer satisfaction is the result of our appropriate pricing policy and high quality standards.


“The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Our goal is to improve and perfect each process step starting from supply of raw materials until placing on the market. To provide this, every process and product is subjected to accurate and comprehensive control process and test according to our quality management system and international standards.